Power Bank for Laptop, 3D Scanner, USB, and 110V

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Power Bank for Laptop, 3D Scanner, USB, and 110V

Postby Vaporcar » Mon Sep 02, 2019 5:35 pm

Hello all,

I want to create this "device" that will allow me to use my 3D scanner anywhere I want for a finite period.

The scanner must be plugged-in to a laptop to work, and the laptop must be plugged-in in order to run the software that controls the 3D scanner. (unplugged, the laptop runs at 2 GHz or so, and we need 3.5GHz or so, which is achieved by plugging in the laptop).

In theory, we could just buy a better laptop and be done with it. But 1) it's much more expensive, and 2) this sounds like a good learning experience.

Some of the specs that the system needs are:
- 2 hours of run time (powering a laptop, 3d scanner, 5v port, and 110v port)
- Slim, so that it can be attached to the laptop or placed under or something of that nature.

I have been doing research, but I am kind of all over the place since I am not very electrically oriented.

I have been looking into custom battery packs (18650 li-ion) and how to charge them. But I am a little lost.

Can someone please guide me on what should I focus my research on?


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Re: Power Bank for Laptop, 3D Scanner, USB, and 110V

Postby Josh Hess » Thu Sep 05, 2019 6:45 pm


I would first look at the laptop settings to see if you can achieve the full CPU clock before developing an external solution. Check the advanced power management arear, specifically the processor power management. You should see a section on the minimum and maximum processor state. Set the maximum to 100% on battery and this should solve your issue.

If the above does not work, and an external solution is required, I would start by researching cells like you have been. Samsung just released a new 21700 40T cell which has very good capacity and discharging characteristics. A pack could be made in a 3S configuration to power a small inverter. A balancing BMS and a charger rated for the 3S architecture would also be required. The capacity can be increased by adding parallel arrays to the pack. Aiming for greater than 100watt hours should put you where you need to be but I would find out the power draw of the devices.

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Re: Power Bank for Laptop, 3D Scanner, USB, and 110V

Postby Gistmer » Mon Mar 09, 2020 12:58 pm

Is the new Samsung cell technology becoming a bit more widely available at this point?

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