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Boosted Board Gen 2 First Look

Posted: Thu May 19, 2016 8:18 pm
by Josh Hess
Boosted Boards has always been known for their top notch quality and innovative designs. During their kickstarter campaign a few years ago, they demonstrated their ability to take feedback and work with the community. Some things just don't change. Boosted has yet again looked at the feedback from their community and delivered an amazing product. Let's take a look at some pictures and see what they've changed.


Starting off with on of the most important parts of the board, the drivetrain. Boosted has done some serious work here by reducing weight and size of the rear motor mounting system by minimizing the motor mount and replacing the bulk of aluminum with replaceable plastic bash guards. This both minimizes weight and eliminates the scratched aluminum look that the first gen boards suffered from after a few rides. In addition, the new board features new motors which are shorter, larger in diameter and completely sealed. According to boosted, this allows for better bearings, more torque, and water and dust resistance. The wheels have been replaced with slightly larger 80mm wheels and the drive pulley has been designed to reduce belt slipping. Also boosted has done away with the caliber trucks and now have their own brand of trucks. They say they are better suited for the torque of the motors and provide an awesome carving experience.


Moving on to the next notable improvement, the battery. Ever since boosted released their first gen board, the main gripe was range range range range. Not anymore. They've managed to not only implement a replaceable battery system, but also for only a hundred more dollars, double the range of the standard battery while only adding 0.75lbs and 8mm of thickness to the plastic housing. I'm not really sure how they did this but it's an engineering marvel. Also, the batteries are interchangeable across models. If you buy the gen 2 board with the 99Wh pack, you can buy the 199Wh later on and replace it. However, there will be no compatibility or upgrade options with the gen 1 boards.


Boosted also cleaned up other small issues and aesthetics of the board. The remote, now all black, uses a much more reliable Bluetooth connection and also features encryption. The board also has two Bluetooth modules to allow for both the remote and a phone to be connected simultaneously. The motor position sensors have been refined allowing and the motor caps no longer overhang the wheels leaving the possibility of larger wheels in the future (possibly off roading tires?). A four led battery indicator has been added to the bottom of the battery for checking charge on and off the board and the cable under the grip tape have been sealed into the wood for a cleaner look and easy re-gripping. Boosted has also left most of the wire connections with quick disconnects for a modular design. Perhaps other motor options will be available in the future. Finally, two 15v power ports have been added to both ends of the board for accessories to tie into. These could be used for lights, phone/remote charger, speakers, etc. Boosted has really left the options open and these features are going to allow for the DIY community to cultivate innovative accessories.



That's it for now, if you would like to reserve a board, head on over to Boards will begin shipping in late July and you can save $100 by using a referral code. Here are some: