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Enertion Customer Experience

Postby Josh Hess » Sat Nov 26, 2016 1:15 am

I normally don't like posting negative things but I am making an exception here so people don't waste their money at this overcharging, unethical, borderline scamming company.

To start, my personal experience with Enertion started off terrible. The first things I ordered from them were an R-Spec motor, and two VESC units.

The motor, which I later found out was a $50 maytech motor colored blue with their name stamped on it, that they were selling for $120 was completely over hyped on their site with embellished specifications and cherry picked screen shot reviews. The reviews were literally pictures. That should have been a huge red flag. The motor has the same specs as any other cheap Chinese motor, the only "quality" was artificially added on their site and in their videos.

Then the VESC units. I ordered them in February and was promised they would be shipped in March. Well, March came around, no email, no notification. I emailed them asking about it, and got a reply stating they would be shipped in April. This back and forth continued for 3 more months!! They happily took my money, lied about the delivery, not once, not twice, not three times, but four times! Then what's worse? The VESC's I received only worked for a week before completely dying.

I then talked to their support and was told I could buy their "warranty" for $65 (more than the cost to produce a VESC unit). I bought two of those and two more VESC units from them. They then took 2 weeks to ship the VESC units I bought and then sent me an email saying they were the replacement units and that my ticket was closed. When I corrected them on this, they took three weeks to get back to me and told me they no longer have those models in stock and that they would ship me their new design. Oh, and the units they sent me had dead DRV chips on arrival.

I thought I was the only person having issues with them but I saw this topic on Endless-Sphere: https://endless-sphere.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=85029

It turns out they are worse than I thought and have been known to cut corners to return profits and not take care of their customer consistently. What's worse? They even made an online community (esk8builders) that is actually just a big advertisement for their products where they remove bad posts about their company and cherry pick good reviews. I highly advise staying away from this company and their "community" site.

Here is what another user said about them:
Ollin said it really well:
@onloop is a master of misdirection . Check his history and you will see he often changes his tune depending on what he is reselling.

Basically he is lying all over the forums just to sell his crap... And he is also a really arogant person.

He once told me in a private message on Enertion forums:
The bottom line is, I take as much as necessary to survive. If it was any different enertion wouldn't exist. Some folks are not going to like it & I can't please everyone.

So love me or hate me it's up to you. I am just trying to make a living

Also, when I talked to him about CC license ( as he forked VESC and didn't published the files ), he told me:

The hardware design is not actually well protected with the cc license. Anyone can take the design and change it. Patent is the only true protection. Vedder knows this already..

Also, talking about Enertion fails is not permitted:

people who speak up and critise me about my vesc changes and don't do the same towards other business are being very hypocritical. It is clear The true motive is actually a public attack against enertion. That is not permitted on the forum.

And this:

In fact, none of the other vendors do anything for the community except take profits..

Now you know what Enertion really is...

I know this was a bit of a rant, but I want people interested in electric skate to not get hassled and scammed like myself and many others by this amateur and extremely unprofessional company.
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