Enertion R-SPEC VS Alien Power 6355

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Enertion R-SPEC VS Alien Power 6355

Postby Josh Hess » Wed Apr 13, 2016 7:57 pm

In this topic, I will be reporting my findings regarding differences between the Enertion's R-SPEC and the Alien Power 6355 out runner motors. I could not find any comparisons between them when researching so I bought both to compare. First lets take a look at what info is given online:

Enertion R-SPEC: Price: $122
4-12S (14 Volts - 44 Volts MAX)
Diameter 63mm
Body Length 55mm (not including axle)
8mm High Tensile Grade A - SUS420J2 HRC55 - Precision Milled Shaft Stainless Steel Axle
Precision Bearing Assembly 688Z with dynamic load rating of 1606N
Weight 568grams
20cm flexible High Strand count pure copper & silicon 10AWG wires
5.5mm Gold Connector

Alien Power 6355: $78.13
MOTOR: 6355
KV: 230 (Also availabe in 190kv)
ESC: 80/100A
SIZE: 63 x 55 ( without shaft )
WEIGHT (g): 0,590
SHAFT: 10mm with 3mm keyway
Accessory pack: NO
Keyway: 3mm

So, other than the kv difference, they would seem to be the same motor, in fact Alien Power sells a 190kv version as well.

So, lets see the differences:
First, lets start with the stator. The Enertion stator is a bit longer and this will end up providing a bit more power (probably around 200 watts more or so). I want to point out that the stators are the same diameter, have the same color paint, same coating, and even similar white markings on them. The coils also are both machine wound. This tells me that these were most likely manufactured in the same facility. So the whole part in the video about "ensuring the stators are precision machined and the coils are machine wound" is not relevant as the alien and most other motors are. The lead wires share the exact same large bullet connector (another thing enertion listed as an outstanding feature) and the alien has similar high count stranded wire for flexibility. Here are some pictures of the stators:

Moving on the the rotors. Enertion made a big fuss about how all inexpensive motors use only "glue" to hold the magnets on to the rotor and that they use a special spacing ring to hold theirs. Again, this is just a bunch of BS hype to get you to pay more. Number one, this is not "glue". It is application specific epoxy formulated specifically for this purpose. Yes, the R-SPEC rotor has a spacing ring on one end of the magnets, however, this is primarily used to space the magnets for automated placement by machine in the factory. It may add extra support and extend longevity, but that is not it's primary function and almost all large outrunner motors have it. Also, the alien has not only this ring on one end, but machined grooves in the other end of the rotor for the magnets! Even better than the Enertion motor! Hmm, the R-SPEC isn't looking so unique and top quality now is it. Another thing to note, is when taking off the rotors, the force of the magnets on the alien was notably greater than that of the R-SPEC. This could be attributed to several things. Either higher strength magnets, closer placement of the magnets to the stator, or a thicker core in the coils. Either way, this is impressive as remember, the stator and magnets on the alien are shorter than those on the R-SPEC. Here are some pictures of the rotors:

Finally, the shaft and bearings. Now, I shouldn't really even be talking about this, but since Enertion listed it and talked about it as being an outstanding feature, I will. Enertion motors use L-1680HH bearings. These have a dynamic load rating of about 1600 Newtons which is a little over 300 lbs. Although, I couldn't find the spec sheet for the 5800Z bearing found in the Alien Power motor, I can tell you that it is rated for about the same based on its size and design. Even if it is less, the only force it is going to see in an electric longboard configuration is the force from the belt when accelerating and it will be distributed on the two bearings. With this being said, the max force I'd expect to be on it in a dual motor config even on the steepest hill would be around 1000 Newtons. Another thing to note, is that Enertion's motor shaft is about 2mm smaller in diameter than the Alien Power, not that this will really affect anything other than pulley selection.

So wrapping it up with some of my thoughts. The R-SPEC is a very high quality motor for sure and I would recommend it if the price tag was not marked up to almost twice the price of similar quality and performance motors. However, I can't see spending that much money when other just as high quality options are available for almost half the price. I am in no way affiliated with or sponsored by Alien Power Systems, but I have had an excellent experience buying from them and their products are by far the best price for the quality you get. For that, I couldn't recommend them more.

You may have noticed that there was no talk about power output. I have ran both motors without load, and I have ridden a dual drive R-SPEC powered board but I can not yet provide any meaningful information on their power outputs. I will be constructing a dynamometer for testing these motors as neither Enertion or Alien Power Systems provided a power/efficiency curve with the motors and this is important information to me. I can say from riding the R-SPEC powered board that the motors peak power/efficiency zone is around 3500-4000 RPM as they double their torque around 12-14 mph on a 15:36 gear ratio. Expect updates within the next few months once I get some meaningful power data.

When working with high powered out runner motors, take extra care when reassembling the stator and rotor as it is very easy to get your finger pinched. My thumb got pinched with so much force it actually bent part of the stator.
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